How do I partner with ICA to put on a fundraising event?

ICA Food Shelf is happy to partner with community members to provide more for our neighbors in need. Your special event is organized and hosted by an individual or group to support ICA Food Shelf. You generously offer time and resources to hold the event while ICA Food Shelf’s staff provides guidance and assistance.

What do I need before I begin?

  • Consult with ICA Food Shelf staff
  • Plan the event, including finding the venue
  • Set goals for results
  • Establish a budget for expenses
  • Provide payment for expenses and/or find event sponsors
  • Invite people to the event
  • Raise money to support the mission and vision of  ICA Food Shelf.
  • Promote the collection of foods and finances at your event

What will the ICA Food Shelf provide?

  • Staff support to help you organize the event
  • Promotional assistance (posting on our website, Facebook and Twitter when applicable)
  • Informational materials to distribute at the event
  • Boxes for food collection
  • A keynote speaker*
  • Day of event volunteers*
  • *Depends on location of event and availability of volunteers

Unfortunately, ICA Food Shelf cannot provide the following:

  • Find sponsors for your event
  • Organize an online auction
  • Set up a registration and/or donation form on our website
  • Pay for event expenses

What expenses should I expect?

An event will typically have expenses, such as printing and mailing invitations, purchasing refreshments and renting a facility/audio visual equipment. We suggest that your fundraising expense ratio be 80/20 or better. For example, if your goal is to raise $1,000, you should have no more than $200 in expenses. Meet with an ICA staff member about how this can be done and how your event goal can be achieved on a budget!


What is the mailing address and tax ID number for ICA Food Shelf?

The mailing address for our main office is 12990 St. Davids Road, Minnetonka, MN 55305. The Tax ID number is 41-7979010.


I donated my time and services, how much can I deduct on my taxes?

You can deduct the costs of gas and oil that are directly related to getting to and from the place where you volunteer. If you do not want to figure your actual costs, you can deduct 14 cents for each mile. Additional information can be found on


Who do I call if I need to speak with someone?

Please call our Special Projects team at ICA Food Shelf between 9:00AM and 4:00PM Monday through Friday. | 952.938.0729


Host a part with a purpose: Gather your friends and family for a party like you might normally do, the only difference is that it benefits ICA Food Shelf!

Host an event at your congregation: Arrange for your faith community to invite an ICA speaker to talk about services provided to our community and host a food drive to connect community members to our mission.

Host an active event: Are you a runner? Do you ski every winter? Put together a walk, bike race, triathlon or golf event. Charge an entry fee and seek event sponsors.

Host a Garage/Yard Sale: A multi-family sale can bring in donation and help both you and your community clean up!

Host a community meal: Pancake breakfasts, soup meals, and bake sales are a great way for people to gather and learn about hunger in their community. Invite a speaker to talk about a time when they might have experienced hunger.

Write a letter: Solicit donations from parents, grandparents, and other friends/relatives who would appreciate helping their local community.

Food/Hygiene Drive: Get a group together and find a place to collect food or hygiene products to bring to the ICA Food Shelf.

For more information on any of these ideas, or to generate ideas more specific to you or your situation, please feel free to contact the Special Projects team at 


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