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Client Support Volunteer

The Client Support Volunteer welcomes neighbors to their food service appointments, shops with them in the client-choice area, answers questions, completes the weighing and check-out processes, notifies the food room with restocking requests, distributes emergency bags, and accepts incoming  donations.

This position is perfect for those who like interacting with people! Please contact us for more information: volunteer@icafoodshelf.org or 952-279-0288. Complete your volunteer application today!


Power Outage: The impact of July's stormJuly Storm Update: Power Outage at K-Tel

Remember last week’s severe storm? The one on July 5th that left 75,000 of us without power?

Unfortunately, ICA’s K-Tel location was one of those left without power! Our power was out for about 25 hours, long enough that we had to throw out more than 9,500 pounds of food from our coolers. The most costly items that we lost were the purchased milk, butter, and eggs. Thankfully, the food in our freezer stayed cold enough that it wasn’t affected...

During the power outage, we served clients as best we could—without lights! Luckily the light from our front windows allowed us to safely hand out emergency bags and fresh produce rescued that morning from local grocery partners.

Since the power came back on, we’ve spent the last week cleaning out the cooler, composting and disposing of all the spoiled food, and scrambling to set up new appointments for the clients who were affected.

Thank you so much to all of the volunteers who worked so hard this week as a result of the power outage! Whether you were serving clients, rescheduling appointments, cleaning out the cooler, composting food, or contributing in other ways…thank you!

If you are able to give an additional gift this month to help offset the cost of this power outage, we’d be grateful. All gifts, whether small or large, make a difference. Donate here.


ICA Kids' Summer MarketICA Kids' Summer Market

We are so excited to bring back our summer food program for kids! Newly renamed, the ICA Kids’ Summer Market will provide clients with extra food for every school-aged child in their family this summer.

How does it work? Clients get to choose five additional items for each school-aged child in their household. Our food logistics team has created an extra section in the store with kid-friendly foods from which clients can choose. Think macaroni and cheese, carrot sticks and ranch, peanut butter and jelly sandwich fixings, and other kid-friendly items.

When we have offered this program in previous years, families received a prepackaged bag of food per child. We are so excited to bring the choice model to this program this year.

We hope that this program helps to alleviate the additional financial pressure that families experience when school is out. From additional childcare costs to the loss of free and reduced-price lunch, summer can be expensive. The program will run all summer, so all clients who visit us this summer will have the opportunity to participate.

Thank you for your support as we feed the hungry kids in our community!



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