We Helped 171 Families Avoid Homelessness

Together, We Helped Melissa & Her Children Stay in Their Home

Melissa is a mother of two and lives in our community. Last winter, her son was hospitalized due to severe breathing issues. Melissa missed work so that she could be with him at the hospital. Her job does not offer paid time off, so missing work meant a missed paycheck. Due to her lack of income that month, Melissa needed help paying her utility bills, so that she and her young children could stay in their home.

ICA was able to help Melissa through our Homelessness Prevention Program, which provides one-time grants to help families stay in their homes. Melissa also visited the food shelf for the first time, where she chose lots of healthy food to nourish her kids, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Her son is better and Melissa is back to work. She was so grateful for the food and help that she received and looks forward to giving back to ICA and the community that supported her in her time of need.

*Names have been changed to protect client privacy. Stock photos used.

This article originally appeared in our Winter 2018 Print Newsletter. Read it here.