Program Spotlight: Homelessness Prevention

In 2016, ICA provided $98,428 in homeless prevention assistance, benefiting 181 families -- an average of $543 per family. ICA provides financial assistance for “solvable situations,” neighbors needing temporary assistance with rent, mortgage, utilities, or transportation needs due to unforeseen circumstances. With ICA’s help to fill the financial gap in an unexpected situation, the family will once again be able to pay their bills independently.

ICA receives requests each month for help with rent and/or utilities for residents that typically are just making ends meet. Clients may have experienced a household emergency, unexpected medical bills, or car repairs. We urge clients to use our food shelf so that money typically spent on groceries can go towards other bills. However, sometimes that is not enough.
ICA provides rental and utility bill assistance in “solvable situations." That means that with our one-time assistance the client will be back on track to pay future bills. Our Case Managers work with the client to create a solution which may involve ICA paying their landlord past due rent or the utility company a past due bill. They may also refer the person to budgeting classes, or other services which can reduce their monthly income needs.

We also work with Community Action Partnership of Suburban Hennepin County (CAP-HC) to ensure clients are signed up for Energy Assistance and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). ICA also works collaboratively with CAP-HC and ResourceWest to create a package of financial assistance for our clients. 

As it appears that Southwest Light Rail Transit will now come through Hopkins and Minnetonka, additional challenges have arisen. Some formerly naturally occurring affordable apartment buildings are raising rents as they make improvements, which will make it difficult for some residents to stay in their homes. ICA works with clients to help them achieve stability.

Furthermore, Hennepin County has shifted their housing assistance the past two years to moving people out of shelter, which leaves a gap in the prevention side which would keep people out of shelter.

As we work together to fulfill our mission to offer hope as we provide assistance to our neighbors in need, we are helping to create a more stable and vibrant community for us all. Thank you for partnering with us in this work. To support this and other important ICA programs, donate here