How a Visit to ICA Can Impact a Family Budget

At ICA, we take a holistic approach to serving our neighbors in need, addressing the issues of food, housing, utilities, transportation, and employment. We know that all pieces of a family budget are interconnected.

“Do I pay the electricity bill or purchase food for my family?” The cost of rent is rapidly increasing and although the rate of employment is high, wages and benefits are not. This can cause families with lower incomes to choose between paying rent and utilities or feeding their family. To get a feel for how our food shelf can impact a family budget, we calculated how much money it would save a family of four to visit ICA’s food shelf. If the family were to visit ICA two times a month, versus purchasing the same items at a grocery store, they could save $630 each month.

Our neighbors shouldn’t have to choose between food and housing, and ICA welcomes all families that struggle with that choice. Saving money on groceries can help families save for other necessities like rent, utilities, and healthcare. I am so proud to live in a community like ours, where we have a long tradition of helping our neighbors when they need it.

Thanks for being part of this community!

—Peg Keenan, ICA Executive Director

Groceries a family of four could receive on a visit to the food shelf.

Groceries a family of four could receive on a visit to the food shelf.