Thank You iSpace Environments!


This spring, we posted on Next Door that we were in need of a new desks for our offices. (Our previous desks predated computers!) To our great delight, Minnetonka resident Joel Peterson contacted us. Joel is the CEO of Minneapolis-based iSpace Environments, a company that creates beautiful workspaces. iSpace has since refurbished four of our offices with new furniture and we are so grateful! Here is what Joel had to say about their donation:

“I first became aware of ICA Food Shelf and their impact in our community when my kids were enrolled at St. David’s Preschool. This was the first time I began to understand that there were people in my own city of Minnetonka struggling to make ends meet, including feeding their families. I was amazed to discover the work that ICA Food Shelf is doing in order to support families who are faced with a variety of life’s challenges. Because we know that a healthy work environment supports a more efficient organization, we felt that we could help ICA continue their great work in our community by providing furniture that better reflects their daily activities. The iSpace Environments Team is proud to support ICA Food Shelf and the community they serve.” -- Joel

Thank you iSpace Environments for this wonderful donation! ICA relies on the generous support of local organizations like iSpace.