Thank You iSpace Environments!

Thank You iSpace Environments!

This spring, we posted on Next Door that we were in need of a new desks for our offices. (Our previous desks predated computers!) To our great delight, Minnetonka resident Joel Peterson contacted us. Joel is the CEO of Minneapolis-based iSpace Environments, a company that creates beautiful workspaces. iSpace has since refurbished four of our offices with new furniture and we are so grateful!

Gardening for ICA

Want to get your hands dirty this summer? Consider using your gardening skills to help ICA! Here are a few ways to get involved: 

Grow and Give Program. Start a community garden at your congregation and grow produce for ICA! Contact us to coordinate:

Support the ICA Garden at St. Luke Presbyterian Church. Volunteer to plant, harvest, weed, and maintain this organic, permaculture garden with our Garden Manager, Jessica. Contact Carly to sign up: or 952.279.0299.

Donate Produce. Consider planting an extra row for ICA or share your extra produce with us. Fresh produce should be dropped off at our K-Tel location: 11588 K-Tel Drive, Minnetonka. 

Home Delivery: Bringing the Client Choice Model to our Home Delivery Program

We are excited to report that we are transitioning our Home Delivery program to ICA’s Client Choice Model. Prior to February, volunteers used Emergency Bags as the basis for all Home Delivery orders. Emergency Bags are pre-packed bags of food filled with a variety of non-perishable items. Volunteers also added additional perishable items to the order, often guessing what clients might want and need.

Equity vs Equality vs Justice: How are they different?

Samty Xiong, Equity Specialist from The Food Group, led a fabulous workshop on cultural competency and has generously offered to share the slides from her presentation to anyone who might be interested at ICA.  

This image and accompanying text explore the differences between Equality, Equity, and Justice. How can we embrace Justice (shown in the image on the right) in our work at ICA?