ICA believes that our community is more stable and secure when we can help neighbors stay in their homes. Kids stay in their schools, neighbors stay in their neighborhoods, and relationships are maintained. Our primary service is to provide food to our neighbors in need, which can allow those experiencing hardship to use financial resources to cover housing and other bills.

Additionally, clients meet with ICA’s case managers, who provide a variety of other services aimed at homelessness prevention. As a client, our case managers have the opportunity to work with you by getting to know you and finding appropriate sources of assistance.


When clients are new, many don’t know what services are available to help them. Our case managers discuss eligibility for programs including SNAP, Energy Assistance, financial counseling, and other local agencies that provide assistance. Find contact information for these and other community resources here.

Housing Assistance

Homelessness Prevention sometimes means providing financial assistance for a utility bill or part of a rent payment, without which, clients would lose their housing. These situations are short-term, with solvable and foreseeable outcomes, and are determined on a case-by-case basis.

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