ICA Executive Board

Kate Bryant
Community Leader

John Groton | treasurer@icafoodshelf.org
ICA Board Treasurer
Director Equity Research, Thrivent

Charlie Kanan
CEO and Board Chair, Waytek, Inc.

Rebecca Lawrence
Attorney, Piper Jaffray

Sheila McMillan | president@icafoodshelf.org
ICA Board President

Kate Nau

Dave Petroske
Senior Mortgage Consultant, TCF Home Loans

Farhiyo Rashid
Community Volunteer

Bill Ryan | vicepresident@icafoodshelf.org
Vice President
Senior Director of Human Resources, Allianz LIfe

Andy Scheu
Senior Vice President, Klein Banks

Tammy Schwartz
President & CEO, Bio Tech X-Ray

Becky Torborg | secretary@icafoodshelf.org
Community Volunteer

Lynsey Wherry
Vice President of Talent Acquisition, General Mills


ICA Staff

Ann Beuch | ann@icafoodshelf.org
Blake Road Corridor Collaborative Coordinator

Jessie Billiet | jessieb@icafoodshelf.org
Case Manager

Krista Bitter | krista@icafoodshelf.org
Volunteer and Office Coordinator

Shirley Buehler | shirley@icafoodshelf.org
Special Events Project Coordinator

Jim Burr | jim@icafoodshelf.org
Food Logistics Coordinator

Carly Dent | carly@icafoodshelf.org
Development Coordinator

Elle Ellerbee | elle@icafoodshelf.org
Food Logistics Manager

Kerri Fischer | kerri@icafoodshelf.org
Employment Specialist

Pat Gau | pat@icafoodshelf.org
Case Manager

Kristin Gerton | kristin@icafoodshelf.org
Events & Community Engagement Coordinator

Susanne Hanley | susanne@icafoodshelf.org
Program Specialist

Ryan Heglund | ryan@icafoodshelf.org
Food Rescue Coordinator

Peg Keenan | director@icafoodshelf.org
Executive Director

Rebecca MacKenzie | rebecca@icafoodshelf.org
Volunteer Coordinator

Natalie Michaels | natalie@icafoodshelf.org
Program Manager

Monika Salden | monika@icafoodshelf.org
Communication Specialist

Mary Schwebach | mary@icafoodshelf.org
Food Program Coordinator

Sheryl Stauss | sheryl@icafoodshelf.org
Statistics Specialist

Karen Truex | karen@icafoodshelf.org

Kate Wilinski | kate@icafoodshelf.org
Community Engagement Officer

Bradley Wittman | bradley@icafoodshelf.org
Food Logistics Coordinator


Employment Opportunities

Internship Opportunities: 

To apply for an ICA internship, please email resume, cover letter, and ICA application to Monika Salden at communications@icafoodshelf.org.