Volunteer Groups

Businesses, book clubs, softball teams, scouting groups, families – many groups have made generous contributions of time to ICA Food Shelf – and had fun in the process. Groups find a great way to team-build or bond while directly supporting those in need in our community. Groups also work together at special ICA events, helping with registration, silent auctions, and an assortment of tasks.

Group volunteer opportunities include:

Food sort

  • Our most popular group activity, many begin with a food drive of their own and then come to ICA to sort food and stock the food shelf!

assemble emergency bags

  • Volunteers make emergency bags for our clients who are experiencing an unexpected setback. Clients can pick up an emergency bag during open hours at both ICA locations.

School Work! - Snack Bin & Weekend Bag assembly

  • Groups assemble snack bins and weekend bags for students at Minnetonka and Hopkins schools who need meal replacement and food for the weekends. More info.

Meal-in-a-Bag drive & sort

  • A new initiative at ICA is our Meal-in-a-Bag program, and groups of volunteers are helping us get started! Groups start with a food drive to gather the food and ingredients for a designated meal, then bring the food to ICA where it is sorted and packed with the recipe. This is a great opportunity for food shelf clients to bring new and nutritious meals into their homes.


  • Many of our events provide great opportunities for groups to get involved. See the list below or our calendar for all upcoming events. Contact us for more information.