Home Delivery: Bringing the Client Choice Model to our Home Delivery Program


We are excited to report that we are transitioning our Home Delivery program to ICA’s Client Choice Model. Prior to February, volunteers used Emergency Bags as the basis for all Home Delivery orders. Emergency Bags are pre-packed bags of food filled with a variety of non-perishable items. Volunteers also added additional perishable items to the order, often guessing what clients might want and need.

With this amazing change to the program, we are now inviting Home Delivery clients to fill out an extensive master list, detailing the foods that they need, want, like, and dislike. Now when volunteers fill the order, they use the master list to select foods. As always, food orders are filled with what is available. But with these changes, Home Delivery clients should be getting more food that they can and will eat, and hopefully no food that they cannot eat.  Upon hearing about the changes, one client responded, “Oh, my goodness! Can you guys get any more wonderful?!”

We are so happy to improve the Home Delivery service for our clients. We’ve already received great feedback about the new system, and look forward to continuing to improve our programs.

In 2017, ICA's Home Delivery program provided 384 home deliveries to 100 individuals.

ICA's Home Delivery Program

ICA’s Home Delivery program is available for those who are home-bound due to some form of disability. Clients are approved for the service by ICA’s case managers on a case-by-case basis.


What is the Client Choice Model

The Client Choice Model allows clients to choose their own food when visiting the food shelf. Much like shopping at a traditional grocery store, clients are able to choose the foods that their family will eat and that they know how to prepare. ICA has been using the Client Choice model since 2014 when we opened our K-Tel location.